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Peter Lang - founder of VertexDSP about himself and the company:

My Background

As a schoolboy I started to play music. Over the years I have joined several bands from German folk music, jazz rock to heavy metal.

In 1995 I graduated from university as an electrical engineer and I started to produce my own music. Happily, I found a job as a researcher at the famous German Fraunhofer Institute in Erlangen, where MP3 was invented a few years before. I worked on a research project in digital signal processing and really enjoyed the free and thrilling atmosphere.

With a doctoral degree I left the Fraunhofer Institute and I turned into industrial software development. I worked through all stages of professional software production - always in contact with the customers.


In 2006 I founded VertexDSP with the goal to offer innovative professional tools for computer based audio and music production for Windows and Mac OS X.

VertexDSP office is situated in an old carpenter’s village house in Germany, Bavaria, surrounded by meadows with cats strolling around. What sounds like the middle of nowhere is just a few minutes away from Europe's biggest music store.

Now VertexDSP has customers living around the globe - in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Russia, Japan or on the Bahamas. They are professional musicians, recording engineers, recording studios, universities and recording schools as well as home studio owners.

Get in contact

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