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MultiInspector - MultiTrack Spectrum Analyzer

FFT and 31 band third octave frequency analyzer showing the spectral analysis of other plug-in instances in the same window.

Independent editor windows for different views of the same content. High resolution mode for low frequency bands. Many options for customization.


FaderWorks - The Ultimate Mixing Tool

Manage complex mix setups and volume adjustments by moving just one fader.

Open up to 128 instances of FaderWorks in your host application and use the integrated connection matrix to set dependencies between the instances.

Perform quick A/B-comparisons of tracks without changing settings or states in your host application.

Plug-in delay compensation (PDC) for every host.


vxPlug - Next Generation Audio Routing

Control effect and synth plug-ins from a single user interface within your host application. Ideal for mixing.


MultiInspectorFree - MultiTrack Spectrum Analyzer

Third octave 31 band spectral analyzer with the ability to display the analysis result of other instances in the same window.



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