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FAQ - General

Q: Do you offer an educational discount?
Yes, I offer an educational discount of 40%. Please, send me a scan of your student/faculty/staff ID card.
Q: Are product updates free?
Updates within the same major version number (e.g. from version 1.0 to 1.9) are free. For major updates there may be a small fee, but this is no "must" as e.g. the update of MultiInspector to version 2.0.0 with lots of new features was free for all existing customers.
Q: I did not get any confirmation mail on my purchase. What happened?
Probably you did not enter a valid email address or you exceeded the size limit of your inbox. Please, contact me!
Q: I just tried installing MultiInspectorFree for Mac OS X. The application supposedly installed successfully however I cannot find it in my applications folder. Where is it?
You won't find it in the applications folder - it is just a plug-in, not an application. You need a host application (like Cubase, Ableton Live, Logic) to run it.
Q: I recently downloaded and installed your XYZ software and now I can't find it to uninstall it on my Mac OS X. Do you have some instructions on how to remove the plug-in?
To remove the plug-in from your Mac, do the following:
  • Go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components and delete XYZ.component
  • Go to /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/VertexDSP and delete XYZ_2in_2out.vst and XYZ_1in_1out.vst
  • Go to your Documents directory and delete in the folder VertexDSP the file XYZ_Manual.pdf
Q: Why is there no recent update for product XYZ? Is it still supported?
All products available from VertexDSP are supported. Updates come out when necessary to fix bugs/incompatibilities or to add new features.
Q: How long does it take until I receive my serial number after purchase?
Usually a few seconds. Your serial number will be displayed in your web browser directly after your purchase and an email is sent to you. In the seldom case that you don't get any registration information please contact me.


FAQ - FaderWorks

Q: How can I use automation for the solo/mute/bypass switches?
The solo/mute/bypass switches are not parameters exported by FaderWorks, but they can be assigned to MIDI CCs. Select the MIDI page and choose the values that fit in your setup.
After opening a project I saved before in my host some settings of the FaderWorks instances are set to their default values.
The solo/mute/bypass switches, the group selection, the connection matrix, the PDC settings and the MIDI configuration are part of the presets. If these were changed after saving the project the host does not notice the change (no parameters the host knows of were changed in this case). You need to force saving of the project via "Save As..." in the host or click the individual bypass button above the volume fader of any instance two times and save the project (which makes the host re-read the plug-in's state when saving).


FAQ - MultiInspector

I would like to use MultiInspector as a spectrum analyzer on a few tracks without the spectrum data of other instances. Is this possible?
Just press the solo button of the current instance and it will behave like an independent analyzer. Other instances are still able to display the spectrum data of this instance.



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For product support please include related information (plug-in and version, operating system and version, host application and version).

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